Who are the QBSOUND

This is the official website of QBSOUND, Iury Battaglia and Raul Quinzi are composers, authors and arrangers, lifelong friends, in 2013 they decided to combine their musical experiences.

So they start to give a name to this adventure by joining the initials of their surname (QB), creating a logo and finally creating a site.

In 2014 their first cd “Skyline” was released, which received a good response from sales, and is still present today on the best web portals.

In addition to creating their own songs they decide to create some very interesting musical projects.


Raul Quinzi: born in Savona on 31/05/1970 is registered to S.I.A.E. since 1992 in the music section, since 2001 also in the section D.O.R. and since 2003 also in the OLAF section. He studied harmony and composition, singing, guitar, saxophone, piano. In 1992 the group won the radio contest ANTARTICA BEYOND THE HIT PARADE, in 1993 he won the competition WINNER PARADE, in 1994 the “LIGURE REGIONAL AWARD” for best new group. The band recorded the CD “THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD” distributed by Polygram. Nel 2002 he published the book entitled “INFINITY AND THE SEA” (O Caroggio edition). As a solist participates all’Arezzo Wave and the DEMO program RAI. In 2013 along with Iury Battaglia is the QB SOUND.




Iury Battaglia : born in Genoa on 11/06/70, to seven years began studying piano at age nine performs his first concert, eleven years studying the violin but soon returns to his first instrument deepening the study of composition and harmony. In 1988 he passed the exam to S.I.A.E as a composer and lyricist. He then began a solo career doing piano and entertainer in tourist villages, he played for several years with Antarica group along with his friend Raul. An accident on his vocal cords will not allow him to continue the singer career and then composes creating numerous CDs ambient, chillout and music for children, starts important collaborations with several record companies with which still works, in 2013 he met with Raul who decided to combine their musical experiences and in 2013 creates the QB SOUND.


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This is our CD, released in 2014 has been highly successful and is still sold around the world.

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